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Tinto de Verano

A refreshing Spanish summer cocktail made with fruity red wine and lemon soda.

Tinto de verano is a fizzy cousin of sangria that's more popular with locals in Spain. It's made with red wine and lemon soda, garnished with a lemon wedge. It's a perfect enjoyed on a sunny patio.


Red wine (try to find young, fruity Spanish red wine like garnacha, tempranillo, or Rioja), lemon soda or sparkling water, orange, lemon, and ice cubes.

First, grab a large pitcher and some ice cubes. Next, add ice to the pitcher and pour in your red wine.

Step 1

Now, pour the lemon soda or lemon sparkling water into the pitcher. Gently stir everything together, making sure the soda doesn't go flat.

Step 2

Slice lemons and oranges into wedges or thin rounds. Then, add them to the pitcher and give everything another good stir.

Step 3

Fill cocktail glasses with ice and pour in the tinto de verano. Garnish with more citrus slices.

Step 4

Serve the drinks immediately and enjoy! Want to make this recipe? Check out my top tips and full instructions at:

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