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Spicy Margarita

A spicy margarita made on the rocks with orange juice, lime, and jalapeño syrup.

Happy hour and Cinco de Mayo isn't complete without a round of margaritas. This spicy margarita is hard to beat! It's made with orange juice instead of triple sec and is absolutely delicious.


Silver or blanco tequila, orange juice, lime juice, jalapeno simple syrup, ice, sugar, and Tajin seasoning.

Prepare the rim of the glass by rubbing it with a lime wedge and placing it upside down in the sugar and Tajin mixture. Set aside.

Step 1

Pour the blanco tequila, orange juice, lime juice, jalapeño syrup, and ice into the cocktail shaker using a jigger or small measuring cup.

Step 2

Close the shaker tightly to keep the cocktail from spilling out. Shake it vigorously for about 30 seconds. Your hands will be very cold!

Step 3

Pour the margarita into the prepared glass. Garnish with a lime wedge and fresh jalapeno slices and enjoy!

Step 4

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