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Lime Vodka Seltzer

This homemade lime vodka seltzer is the perfect bubbly summer cocktail. It's refreshing, made with real ingredients, and easy to make in just a few minutes.


You only need a few simple ingredients to make this recipe. The sweetener used is your choice.

Add the vodka, lime juice, and sweetener of your choice to a tall glass. Add the vodka first followed by the other ingredients.

Step 1

With a long cocktail spoon, stir the ingredients together in the glass until they are fully combined.

Step 2

Add ice to the glass and then fill it with sparkling water. Give it a stir and add more sweetener or lime juice to taste.

Step 3

Put your feet up and enjoy your homemade vodka seltzer. Want to make this cocktail? Find the full recipe at

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